photo updates from Jim and Mary Whitmer

Flood Damage – Minot, ND

The dramatic headlines about the devastating flooding in Minot, ND, have faded.  But the dirty, hard work of restoring homes and property is quietly taking place everywhere you look.  I’m covering this story for the Disaster Relief work of the Southern Baptists.  (please see their web link below this photo.)  The hands-on work by various state SB conventions are called “mud-out teams.”   The bottom center image is pure muck, covering the entire basement floor – but it is carefully scooped up and removed.  This is “mud-out” at its best.   All of this work is done by volunteers – and there is no cost to the homeowners.    These people and the work they do is amazing – and the best quote I heard all day:  “If someone paid me to do this, I’d quit.”   They are Godly, caring people, reaching out to families that have encountered a tragic turn of events in their lives.

 North American Mission Board Disaster Relief

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