photo updates from Jim and Mary Whitmer

Computer Graphics

Production stills at Total Living Network

I had a wonderful opportunity recently to partner with the Total Living Network to do the production stills of the taping of a promotional video.  The featured spokesperson was Gavin MacLeod, a well-known TV actor, noted probably best for his role as the captain on The Love Boat TV series and the Mary Tyler Moore Show.   The new product series is called “Character Classics,” published by the Character  Building Company, and written by very well known children’s author Tony Salerno.


To learn more about the above:

The Total Living Network
For more information on Character Classics, please contact Carie Villotti at 630-801-3627 or email her at

Character  Building Company

National Religious Broadcasters Convention

Each year, we cover the international convention of the National Religious Broadcasters, which is held at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a video slide show from our still images taken this week. It’s an extraordinary event with high quality speakers, worship, networking, and a large scale exhibition hall of products and services.

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Happy New Year

A computer graphic design by Mary

A Future Ballerina


We’re currently visiting family in Harrison, AR. Our adopted granddaughter just received a new ballerina outfit, and Mary has been reading a book to her about young ballerinas. As a result, Mary was able to get this photo of her and did some creative interpretation for the background.

Personal Business Photos

A recent specialty we have added to our professional photography services are custom Personal Business Photos. Many people in business need these for company print and web communications, as well as for their personal resumes while job seeking.

Here is a sample of an original uncorrected digital camera file, and an edited final image. An image like this can make all the difference in a competitive employment market, or in career advancement.

Original Camera File - Edited Image