photo updates from Jim and Mary Whitmer

Personal Photos

Wheaton in the Fall

As often as we can, Mary and I enjoy adding new fall imagery to our files, and the campus of Wheaton College is usually on our list, not just because we’re Alumni.  It’s a gorgeous campus and the iconic Blanchard Hall is fun (and challenging) to photograph.  The president of Wheaton College, Dr. Phil Ryken, happened to be walking by during our front campus shooting, so he obliged us and is included in this collage.

Remembering Dad

It was exactly 10 years ago today that my father passed away.   (which was just a couple days after my mom passed away.)   This is one of our most memorable photos of him – shown on the construction site of the education wing at First Baptist Church.  In honor of him, this portion of the building has been officially named the Richard Whitmer Educational Wing.   He was a great man – loved God – and served Him enthusiastically in many ways.