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Published Photos

Christmas Art

We have had a long-term relationship with Zolan Fine Art, and one of America’s leading and most admired children’s artists, Donald Zolan. Along with his wife Jennifer, they would give us the subject matter they wanted to paint, and then we would do the photography for reference in the painting development. At this Christmas time, we want to share with you one of those assignments. You can see his extraordinary talent in bringing to life our still imagery. We hope you will visit the web site for Zolan Fine Art to see more of his work. Sadly, we lost Donald earlier this year, and we feel the impact of his death with his wife and family.

Santa collage 3


Book cover photography has been a major category in our photo work since the beginning. But this newest cover photo and design we did has a bit more impact for us since we know the author personally. Bill and Jill Harbeck have been close friends of our for a long time, but it was only recently that Bill was able to share his personal story about how his life was “shattered” early in his life from sexual abuse. We highly recommend this book to you. Read some of the back cover copy below the photo.

Shattered_6102 2From the back cover:  “There is no crime more devastating than childhood sexual abuse.  It steals the innocence and soul of its victims and leaves them in a world of silence and shame.  Attempting to live in safety, survivors create a world of false security praying no one will every discover the ugly secret and no one will hurt them again.”

Bill has a new ministry and we encourage you to visit their web site:   HOLDING ON TO HOPE
“Shattered” is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or the ministry web site.

Book Covers

Book cover photography has been an integral part of our work since we first started.  With several new covers to our credit lately, here’s a collage of some of our best.


New Book Cover Photo

Rick Schroeppel at Abingdon Press gave us another interesting book cover photo opportunity. This new book, “Fourteen Pews and a Casserole” is by Jason Byassee, an executive director of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School. We did this photo set up at Gary United Methodist Church in Wheaton, IL, and our thanks go to Dave Brewer, the church business manager, for giving us another chance to do some creative work in their sanctuary. (see links below.)


Rick Schroeppel
“A Conversation with Jason Byasse”
Gary United Methodist Church, Wheaton, IL

Photos for “KIDS ALIVE, International”

Over the years, we’ve worked with an excellent graphic designer from the Northwest, John Berge.  (Berge Creative Group.)   He has just completed the summer newsletter for one of his clients, Kids Alive International.

The photos that John selected are from our photo library from multiple trips to Africa.  On our stock photos site,, we have a specific gallery from Africa, that we call “Africa Today.”


You can reach John Berge at this e-mail address:

“Listen My Son” Abingdon Press Book Cover Photo

We had the privilege this month of working with senior designer Rick Schroeppel at Abingdon Press in Nashville in doing a custom photo shoot for a new book entitled “Listen My Son.” It’s always a pleasure to turn over the digital files from a shoot and our Photoshop work to a creative individual who can really do justice to our work. We are very pleased with the result of this new product. You can see dozens of other book designs by Rick at his site, Elm Tree Design Studio.

We have been fortunate to consider Abingdon Press and the United Methodist Publishing House a part of our client base for over 30 years.


The author of this book is Lee H. Butler, Jr., a professor of theology and psychology at the Chicago Theological Seminary and is well known as an African American pastoral theologian.

New Book Cover Photo

I think we lost track a long time ago how many book covers we’ve done over the years, but it’s always fun to see a new one.  We provided this photo to up and coming novel author, James West, for his first “Jack Shaw Adventure” called Cedar Key.   It should be available soon.


A Future Ballerina


We’re currently visiting family in Harrison, AR. Our adopted granddaughter just received a new ballerina outfit, and Mary has been reading a book to her about young ballerinas. As a result, Mary was able to get this photo of her and did some creative interpretation for the background.

Photos of Maggie Rowe in Significant Living Magazine

The new issue of Significant Living Magazine has just come out, and I’m pleased that our photos of Maggie Rowe have been selected for the cover and an inside spread. She is an accomplished performer, and one of her most popular “roles” at this time of year is Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Photos of Maggie Rowe performing as Mary - © 2008 Jim Whitmer