photo updates from Jim and Mary Whitmer

Travel Photography

Marriott Cypress Harbour

We had another wonderful get-away at Marriott Cypress Harbour in Orlando.  A peaceful, relaxing environment was just what we were looking for.  With over 40 years of travel photography experience, we never get tired of showing good things about the right travel destinations.

Marriott Cypress 2015 Collage

California – Here We Came

Our trip to California again this year was extraordinary:  the weather, the sunsets, the activities, the energy, the connection with friends, the view of the Pacific Ocean from our deck….    Just another delightful travel and photo experience – memories we will always value.

Celebrating Life – in Worship and More

There’s something really invigorating and inspiring with a crisp, clean sunset at the ocean’s edge.  Here’s a classic “celebrate life” or “God is good” visualization.


Room With a View

Much of our inspiration for photo work this week in southern CAL comes from the view we have of the Pacific Ocean from our time share unit deck.  This image is a blend from a couple images taken this week followed by some art-style applications.

Faces and Places – A World-Wide Look

From time to time, we enjoy the chance to put our work “on display.”  These images below will be included in an art gallery presentation at First Baptist Church for their annual Global Celebration event.  We have been fortunate to travel to a wide range of world wide destinations, and these images have been used to help tell the story of hope in the midst of hurt.

Creative Travel Artwork

Our travel world wide over the years has resulted in growing image files of fascinating and intriguing subjects.  Here’s a slide show from our RedBubble website: