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Honoring Troops and Veterans

One of the favorite video slide shows I’ve done will help to celebrate and honor those who have served and are serving now:

Chinatown – Chicago

It was a hot and humid day in Chicago – but Chinatown was a live with activity and color.

Outreach Magazine Photo

Outreach, Inc., based in southern California has quickly grown to become the largest provider of outreach products and services in North America. They also publish Outreach Magazine, and we just recently connected with their director of creative services and art director, Tim Downs, and were able to provide a stock photo image for this article:


You can visit the Outreach web site here:

The managing editor of Outreach Magazine is James Long, a long-time friend and business associate.

A Future Ballerina


We’re currently visiting family in Harrison, AR. Our adopted granddaughter just received a new ballerina outfit, and Mary has been reading a book to her about young ballerinas. As a result, Mary was able to get this photo of her and did some creative interpretation for the background.

Veterans’ Day

Thirty-seven years ago this Veterans’ Day, I was stationed in Viet Nam. I was on the other side of the world from my beautiful wife and two sons at the time. But I was fortunate to return safely, and that experience has given me greater appreciation for those men and women serving our country today, often in far away and dangerous places.

I was a Signal Corp Photo Officer in Nha Trang, South Viet Nam.

Jim Whitmer as a Signal Corp Photo Officer - South Viet Nam - 1971

Mary’s Latest Artwork

Venice charm

Mary has completed a wonderful new work of art – this is my favorite so far. More of her work is available online at:

Our First Blog Post

It’s been in the works for awhile – but we finally have launched our photo blog. We plan to share our life experiences, reflections, and maybe most importantly, the images and creations we’re producing on a regular basis. We suggest that you subscribe to our blog feed by clicking on the orange RSS icon in the upper right corner of this site.