photo updates from Jim and Mary Whitmer


Veterans’ Day – 2011

And for a unique video, please see this: God Bless America – Healing Field

Book Covers

From the very beginning of our photo career, we have worked closely with publishing houses near and far.  Here’s a collage of cover photos on our credit list.

Victory Weekend – Overview

The Victory Weekend event was extraordinary.   There were 3 days of music, BMX demonstrations, Christian Hip-Hop, Xteme strength shows, worship and ministry, interviews with NASCAR drivers – and it was all shown live on the first-ever FaceBook streaming TV network, iFBtv. (see link below)   Here’s a photo collage to feature all 3 days of events.

Victory Weekend FaceBook Page

Interactive FaceBook Page

Victory Weekend – Bristol, TN

My current assignment is Victory Weekend – being held at the Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, TN, and I’m working with the Steve Wingfield team putting on an extraordinary event adjacent to the “fastest half-mile” track in the NASCAR circuit.  The opening event last night featured an interview with 3 Christian NASCAR drivers, the music group Sidewalk Prophets and evangelist Steve Wingfield.  (Steve was also  invited to do the invocation for last night’s race.)   So, what’s the Harley Davidson doing in this collage?  It has been donated as a “give-a-way” for the concluding program Saturday night.

You may want to see more information at: The Victory Weekend Web Site.

Flood Damage – Minot, ND

The dramatic headlines about the devastating flooding in Minot, ND, have faded.  But the dirty, hard work of restoring homes and property is quietly taking place everywhere you look.  I’m covering this story for the Disaster Relief work of the Southern Baptists.  (please see their web link below this photo.)  The hands-on work by various state SB conventions are called “mud-out teams.”   The bottom center image is pure muck, covering the entire basement floor – but it is carefully scooped up and removed.  This is “mud-out” at its best.   All of this work is done by volunteers – and there is no cost to the homeowners.    These people and the work they do is amazing – and the best quote I heard all day:  “If someone paid me to do this, I’d quit.”   They are Godly, caring people, reaching out to families that have encountered a tragic turn of events in their lives.

 North American Mission Board Disaster Relief

Remembering Dad

It was exactly 10 years ago today that my father passed away.   (which was just a couple days after my mom passed away.)   This is one of our most memorable photos of him – shown on the construction site of the education wing at First Baptist Church.  In honor of him, this portion of the building has been officially named the Richard Whitmer Educational Wing.   He was a great man – loved God – and served Him enthusiastically in many ways.

Cantigny Golf

We picked Cantigny Golf Course as a place for a quick dinner this weekend – and this was the golf scene just outside the window of the restaurant.  (Nice shot – the golf one.)

Chinatown – Chicago

It was a hot and humid day in Chicago – but Chinatown was a live with activity and color.

“The Friendly Confines” of Wrigley Field

The “Friendly Confines” of Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, has been one of the most popular baseball arenas in the country. Cub fans live coast to coast – but they all know about their beloved Wrigley Field. We did a family project not too long ago and came up with a panoramic view that’s one of the best we’ve seen anywhere. And it’s also available for purchase from Mary’s online gallery. Just click below.

Game Changers

The VBS program this summer at my home church, First Baptist of Wheaton, produced a week-long event for kids called “Game Changers.” I was asked to do the “video snapshot” of the week, and this is it: