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Book Cover Project

A recent project was the photography for a book cover from Harvest House Publishers. We did the original shooting in our studio, and then Terry Dugan, a long-time friend and business associate of The Dugan Design Group, ( created the finished art for the book. We have both worked with Katie Lane, the Director of Marketing at Harvest House on previous covers. ( The modeling agency we like to use in Chicago is Shirley Hamilton, Inc., and we’ve worked with Laurie Hamilton there for many years. ( The author, Debra White Smith, is well-known and recognized in the book industry. (


New Book Cover Photo

I think we lost track a long time ago how many book covers we’ve done over the years, but it’s always fun to see a new one.  We provided this photo to up and coming novel author, James West, for his first “Jack Shaw Adventure” called Cedar Key.   It should be available soon.